Selfies are great. They are candid photos that capture a moment in time. They can be fun, creative, and spontaneous. That said, at times they have proven to be downright dangerous. People have accidentally fallen off cliffs, been hit by trains, electrocuted, drown, killed by wild animals and shot while taking a selfie.

Fortunately portrait photography is so much safer! Although candid photos can capture the emotion and heart of the moment, a portrait session is carefully planned out. It is all about capturing your identity and attitude or whatever you want to portray to others. It might be a side of you that is intended to be shared with a select few, or it could be a framed picture or book that is passed down through the generations. In essence, a portrait session is allowing yourself the luxury to capture high quality images of yourself that will last a life time. There is only one of you, and you are worth the time, planning and energy it takes to create images of you that will never fade.

The outfit, background, props, posing, and lighting all play an important part. It is similar to an artist who sets up a blank canvas with a vision in mind. They have a starting point, but they are not quite sure where the creative journey is going to take them. There are no mistakes, just stepping stones to the final image. It is a collaboration between photographer and the one photographed.

I would love to discuss with you, what vision you have in mind and how we can achieve that.